Bleach 12% 4L & 20L


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Laundry: Automatic and wringer washers use 40-50 ml of Bleach 12. Mix in one
litre of water before adding laundry. All laundered fabrics for use in food plants
must be thoroughly rinsed with potablewater before re-use.
Kitchen: Use to keep sinks clean and free from stains, to sanitize and deodorize
refrigerators and kitchen utensils. Use 13ml per litre of water added to dishwasher
to sanitize your dishes and give a new sparkle to glassware. Items must be adequately rinsed with potable water.
Other Uses: As a sanitizer, deodorant,stain remover or cleanser for toilet bowls,
bathtubs, garbage cans, sickroomarticles, linoleums, woodwork, tile and
marble. Use 20 ml per litre of water. Use on white and fast colors only. Safe for
nylon orlon terylene. Do not use on silk,wool, leather or sponge.