Clarke Maxxi II 35 wet dry vacuum

Clarke Maxxi II 35 wet dry vacuum


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The Maxxi II™ 35 delivers unprecedented cleaning flexibility. When dirt or dust is the primary issue, the Maxxi II-35 offers quality filtration and dust capture, in addition to crevice and dusting tools. Operators can also employ the Maxxi II-35 for wet applications.

Superior filtration

Featuring a unique filter system, the Maxxi II-35 offers one solution for both wet and dry filtration. Designed with three durable components, the filter completely seals entry to the motor, protecting the motor from dust, debris, water or other liquids. Once the job is complete, the filter can be easily lifted out of the vacuum for a simple rinse, then replaced and ready for the next job in a matter of minutes.

Easy operation

The Maxxi II-35 wet/dry vacuum offers simple and reliable operation. The lightweight design ensures easy transportation. For enhanced performance, the Maxxi II-35 offers a variety of standard accessories, ranging from hoses and wands to squeegees and dusting tools.