Nilodor  Tap-A-Drop  1/2oz   (400 Application)

Nilodor Tap-A-Drop 1/2oz (400 Application)


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Since 1955, Super N’s proprietary odor counteractant has eliminated the strongest malodors imaginable. Our Concentrates provide the most technologically advanced method of odor neutralization with just one application. Super N Concentrate can keep virtually any facility odor free for up to 24 hours. Super N Concentrate was originally introduced to eliminate odors an freshen the air in healthcare environments. The concentrate is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Just one drop per 1000 cubic feet (10’ x 10’ ) will counteract and neutralize malodors for up to 24 hours in the air.

This 1/2 oz. bottle will give you up to 400 applications.